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St Govan’s Chapel is one of Pembrokeshire’s hidden gems. When you know how, visiting St Govan’s Chapel is super easy, so it should be on any list of things to do in Pembrokeshire.

St Govan’s Chapel is found near St Govan’s Head which is the most southerly point of Pembrokeshire. Although tucked away, this hidden gem is close to some other popular attractions in Pembrokeshire such as Bosherston Lily Ponds, Broadhaven South Beach and Barafundle Bay. 

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visiting st govans chapel

St Govan’s Chapel History

Now, no-one really knows exactly how the chapel came to be, and what its story is. The most popular legend is that in the 5th or 6th century, a hermit named St Govan was under attack by some Irish Pirates. He managed to flee them by hiding in a small cove in the rocks. St Govan stayed in the hermitage and made it into an important place of worship.

Regardless of whether the ‘magical’ rumours surrounding this place are true, there is something very unique, beautiful and captivating about St Govan’s, which makes it a must on any Pembrokeshire itinerary. 

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How to get to St Govan’s Chapel

As St Govans Chapel is in a more remote part of Pembrokeshire, the easiest way to get there is by car. Head towards Bosherston and then keep driving through the village. It’s very easy to access St Govan’s Car Park – you can easily find it on google maps.

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St Govans Chapel Map

Best Time to Visit St Govan’s Chapel 

The best time to visit St Govans Chapel is in clear and dry weather. The steps are going to be slippery if the conditions are wet or icy. You’ll want to make the most of the stunning views and scenery so try and pick a clear, preferably sunny, day – but this can be hard in Wales! Consider choosing a time when there is low tide so you can access the small, cliffside beach below St Govan’s.

St Govan’s Chapel Parking

The area surrounding St Govan’s Chapel is a military base – Castlemartin Firing Range. If the road to enter the carpark is closed, unfortunately you won’t be able to visit St Govan’s that day. You can check in advance by looking up the firing times for Castlemartin Range.

Once you reach the end of the road, you’ll be at St Govan’s car park. It’s totally free (believe it or not!) to park here and it’s only a couple of minutes walk away from the chapel.

St Govan’s Chapel Walk

It’s an easy walk from the car park down to the chapel. Just follow the signposts and you’ll find the steps down to the chapel.

Legend has it that if you count the steps on the way down and then on the way up, you’ll never have the same number! Unfortunately, I found this out after I went so couldn’t test the theory out.

The steps lead you down directly into the chapel and then out onto a rocky cove below. Make sure you check out the view from the chapel below the cove, and above from on top of the cliff.

st govans chapel cove South Wales

Things to do near St Govan’s Chapel

You can jump on the Pembrokeshire Coastal path in either direction at St Govan’s. Barafundle Bay is a beautiful Pembrokeshire beach which isn’t too far from St Govan’s. It’s 20 minutes to drive from St Govan’s to Barafundle Bay or 1 hour 15 to walk there along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path.

It’s only a 5-minute drive from St Govan’s to Boshertson where you can walk around the Lily Ponds and over to Broadhaven South Beach.

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