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photos to inspire you to visit Edinburgh

1. Edinburgh Castle, Castle Hill

sunset over Edinburgh behind Edinburgh castle on castle hill

2. The Milkman Coffee, Cockburn Street, Old Town

Coffee in window of coffee shop in Edinburgh Old town. Rainy street outside

3. Castle Wynd North, Castlehill

view of Edinburgh

4. Calton Hill

sunset on calton hill view of Princes Street Edinburgh

5. Princes Street

Princes Street Edinburgh

6. St Vincent Bar, Stockbridge

St Vincent Bar autumnal leaves outside Stockbridge Edinburgh

7. Victoria Street

view from above Victoria street Edinburgh

8. Calton Hill

landscape shot of sunset on calton hill. sunset over Edinburgh

9. Royal Mile

red phone box in foreground, on Edinburgh royal mile

10. St Ninian’s Row

Need more inspiration to visit Scotland?

Photos to Inspire You to Visit Scotland

11. Scott Monument, Princes Street Garden

Sunset behind Scott monument princes street gardens

12. Wardrop’s Court

13. The Vennel Viewpoint

view of Edinburgh castle and castle hill

14. Dean Village

Dean village and water of Leigh Edinburgh

15. Circus Lane

circus lane Edinburgh

16. Greyfriars Bobby, Candlemaker Row

Greyfriars bobby statue in front of grey friars bobby pub at night candlemaker row Edinburgh

17. The Milkman Coffee, Cockburn Street, Old Town

the milkman coffee shop Cockburn street Edinburgh

18. Grassmarket

view of Edinburgh castle from grass market. purple flowers cascading down building in foreground

19. Victoria Street

Victoria street Edinburgh

20. Stockbridge

houses in Stockbridge Edinburgh

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