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This little pink house situated next to a Loch in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands has the potential to be heavenly for photographers. To find a little house like this in the middle of nowhere is something quite special. The Loch Glass walk is an easy one to complete, and although isolated and very out of the way, the Loch Glass pink house is relatively easy to find when you know how.

Loch Glass Walk how to find the Loch Glass pink house


Where is Loch Glass?

Loch Glass is found on the eastern side of Ben Wyvis in Easter Ross in the highlands of Scotland. It’s 5.5 miles northeast of the small village of Evanton, 7 miles north of Dingwall and around 26 miles from Inverness. Due to how remote Loch Glass is, you’re really going to need a car to get here! There’s so much to see and do in Scotland and the highlands, so a road trip is the best way to go about exploring.

Loch Glass Parking

As you’re travelling along the A9, turn off onto Glen Glass Road to Evanton. You carry along this road for 6 miles until you reach Eileanach Lodge. You can park your car in front of the gates to the lodge. I know, the gates look a bit intimidating, but don’t worry you can just walk around them. Then cross the bridge and walk past the lodge to start the walk to Loch Glass and the pink house.

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gates of Eileanach Lodge Loch Glass
Eileanach Lodge loch glass walk

How to get to the Loch Glass Pink house?

After you’ve walked through the gates, over the bridge and past the lodge the path will go three ways. You want to head right and carry on straight towards Loch Glass. The path is a wide track – cars can come along here so just keep an eye out. It’s around a 30 minute walk through the deserted forest until you reach the loch, and see the little pink house through the trees.

Once you’ve reached the Loch and the house there isn’t much to do aside take some photos, enjoy the scenery and relish in the peace and quiet. 

loch glass pink house Ben Wyvis

My thoughts on the Loch Glass Walk

There’s no denying that a little pink house next to a Loch in the middle of nowhere is pretty and a great photo opportunity, but I found it a bit underwhelming. If you’re a photographer and have all the kit then yes, I’d say it’s a good place to go. But considering it’s around an hours walk altogether, and it’s very out of the way to drive to, I wouldn’t say it’s worth it if you’re pushed for time, or compromising on seeing other things. There are plenty of unmissable places and sights in Scotland and I wouldn’t say this is one of them.

Girl standing in front of pink house by Loch Glass

The potential charm of a little pink house next to an isolated Loch in the mountain is somewhat taken away by the boarded up windows and the ‘danger’ signs plastered across it. I usually think most places are better in person than they are in photos, but I think Loch Glass and the pink house look better in photos to be honest! There are some amazing drone shots of it on Instagram and also some amazing winter scenes. So if you’ve got all the gear and some idea (and some good weather!) Loch Glass could be a great spot for you.

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