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No, this isn’t a typo. Scotland has a pyramid. In fact, there are 14 Balmoral cairns on the Balmoral estate, nestled in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. They’re all dedicated to members of the royal family and events in their lives. The majority of the Balmoral cairns were commissioned by Queen Victoria. The largest, and perhaps best known is the Prince Albert memorial pyramid which was erected after his death in 1861.

This Scottish pyramid may have been the Cairngorms best kept secret until more recent years when social media has worked its magic. Now paying a visit to the largest Balmoral Pyramid likely features on most travellers Scotland itinerary. Keep reading to find out where and how to find this Scottish hidden gem and Scotland’s take on Giza – the Prince Albert pyramid.

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Where is Balmoral?

The Balmoral estate is found in the Cairngorms National Park. Owned by Queen Elizabeth II, Balmoral Castle is the Scottish holiday home to the British Royal Family. Balmoral sits between Bramar and Ballater and is near to the village of Crathie.

How to get to Balmoral

Balmoral is on the A93 so easily accessed by car. The 201 bus runs through Ballater, Balmoral and Braemar. You can visit Balmoral Castle at certain times of the year.

Balmoral Castle postcode: AB35 5TB

Balmoral cairns walk in the woodlands, balmoral estate Cairngorms national park

Balmoral Pyramid Walk

Despite being tucked away, the Prince Albert memorial pyramid is pretty easy to find. There are two options for parking for the Balmoral pyramid walk. The first is at the Balmoral Castle car park – what.3.words ///twisting.looms.genetics. This is a pay and display carpark. From here cross over the road bridge and follow the road round to the left. Keep walking until you come to a turning on the right, signposted Royal Lochnager Distillery. Walk up 100m or so, and you will come to a cross roads with Easter Balmoral on the right.

Here is your second option for parking. You can park in a small lay-by on the left hand side –what.3.words ///sweetener.colonies.veered. Parking here is free (so no prizes for guessing where I chose to park!)

Walk towards the small village of Easter Balmoral and follow the road round to the left. Then you will hopefully see this sign:

sign to prince alberts cairn, balmoral pyramid

Follow the undulating path through the woodlands until you see the Balmoral Pyramid mysteriously appear through the trees – what.3.words ///shows.thigh.ultra

If you start at the Balmoral Castle car park, the walk will take you around 30-35 minutes. I assure you it’s 1000% worth it.

Prince Albert memorial pyramid through trees cairngorms national park

Balmoral Castle car park: what.3.words ///twisting.looms.genetics

Easter Balmoral parking: what.3.words ///sweetener.colonies.veered

Prince Albert Memorial Pyramid: what.3.words ///shows.thigh.ultra

Scotland is home to so much breathtaking scenery and lots of hidden gems, and the Balmoral pyramid ticks all of these boxes. It’s such a beautiful and unique sight, so should make it onto any Scotland road trip itinerary.

girl in front of Prince Albert memorial pyramid cairngorms national park

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