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I spent my entire 4 month adventure capturing footage on my GoPro (well until I broke approx. 3 weeks before I came home!). I never really went with the intention of ‘making vlogs’ as such, and I haven’t even touched the surface on getting through all three SD cards of footage. But I have made a Youtube channel and uploaded my first video!

Subscribe to my channel here!!

This is just an introduction to what’s to come on my channel. And no, this doesn’t mean the blog is being sidelined! I’d like to try and keep up with both (as well as working towards a degree!), so watch this space to see how I cope with all that…

If you could give my video a watch and subscribe to my channel that would mean the world to me! I’m really excited to start sharing my adventures on a new platform. I think videos can only give a more interactive insight into my backpacking life.

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