I started The World by Emstagram in 2018 as a means of me sharing my, primarily solo, travel, exploration and adventures across the world.

I’m 23 years old and I don’t really know what on earth I’m doing. I just know I like travelling on my own, going on adventures and doing random things – the more last minute and spontaneous, the better. I usually feel lost 99% of the time, and in some roundabout way, getting lost in places I don’t know a lot about somehow makes me feel more at peace.

My aim with this blog is to provide the answers I’ve looked for before travelling to destinations, and also inspire you to visit places you might never have consider. And some may even be closer to home than you think! As much as I love it, travelling (especially alone) is anxiety inducing – it’s totally worth it, but it’s still anxiety inducing, and very exhausting! So often you just need a bit of help here and there, and that’s what I’d like this blog to provide.

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My real adventures began in 2017, fitting travel in and city breaks around a full time job. I took a short ‘career break’ (using the term career VERY loosely) in summer 2018 to embark on a solo Interrailing trip around Central and Western Europe. In April 2019 I quit my job and went solo backpacking for 4 months across Southeast Asia (how generic), finishing off with a brief stop in Australia.

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After a brief blip where I stupidly tried to get a degree, and then a certain pandemic we won’t give anymore attention to, sort of forced me to apply the breaks to the overseas travel for a little while. I’ve been working full time again since 2020. The travel fund isn’t going to fill itself after all is it?! As and when I can, I like to go to new places and try and new things. The more adrenaline pumping the better to be honest, I’d like to extend my apologies to my parents for that one. I’ve been able to see lots of amazing places around the UK over the last 2 years and for that I am sort of, dare I say it, grateful to the big C.

My UK Travel content has certainly made a glow up over the last couple of years.

I’ve been very lucky and I’ve done some incredibly cool things. I’ve hiked to the top of an active volcano and camped overnight at the top. I’ve got lost in the isolated mountains of northern Vietnam whilst riding a motorbike and nearly ran out of petrol on a dirt track. I’ve been able to forge friendships with people from all over the world. Some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, I’ve only been able to interact with through a translator app.

So what that being said, my passion for and dream of solo backpacking certainly hasn’t died a death quite yet. (Once again, sorry to my parents). My bucket list is still longer than my arm, so hopefully I can somehow piece together some sort of interesting platform to share my travels and experiences.

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