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I have now somehow been home for almost 2 weeks. The time has absolutely flown by and I have just spent it catching up with people and sleep. It’s been good to be home, but I am definitely missing the freedom of travel and the beauty of all the places I was lucky enough to explore. I have definitely missed being able to write about my days and post blog posts regularly.

Hagiang Province, North Vietnam

Back at the half way point of my trip I wrote about 20 things I’d learnt so far. I decided to do a follow up post for the second half of my trip. Inevitably there wasn’t as much, because the first two months were definitely the most challenging and definitive. Once I got past those first couple of months everything became a lot easier. I was able to relax and just enjoy more. The last month especially was undoubtedly the most fun and subsequently it absolutely flew by.

Hyams Beach, Booderee National Park, NSW, Australia

I have definitely seen a difference in myself since returning home and feel like I am leading a much positive life here because of the time I spent away. A lot of that growth has to do with the fact I was solo travelling. I am 100% grateful for all of it, the good and the bad. I returned home on 28th August after being away for 121 days.

Padar Island, Indonesia
Here are 10 more things I learnt whilst messing around on the other side of the world.

1. When I’m not alone the enjoyment of something or somewhere depends on whether I feel like the people I’m with are enjoying it. To summarise: I am SUCH a people pleaser.

2. I shouldn’t make concrete decisions when I’m having a bad mental health day. No matter how small and insignificant that decision may seem at the time – JUST LEAVE IT! I should wait until I have a fresh mind so I don’t do anything I’ll later regret. If I don’t have the time to wait I should ask someone to help with the decision. Don’t let temporary anxiety and/or sadness stop you from doing something you’ll wish you’d done in the future.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall, Lombok, Indonesia

3. I get way too worked up and worried about anything to do with money. If ever I’ve ever lost any I seem to take days to get over it. I also ALWAYS feel like I should be saving and not spending.

4. Often you need to spend more money on one off occasions and see it as more of an investment. I always get cheap things or don’t bother with things in order to save money, but it usually works out more expensive in the long run.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

5. I don’t even like that beach that much! The feeling of salt in my hair or sand in my toes just makes me feel grim and dirty more than anything. Instead of taking time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings I am probably counting down the hours until I can have a good shower.

6. I worry a lot about people judging me based on my physical appearance. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to talk to people if I feel I’m having an ‘ugly day’. I need to remember that someone isn’t going to not want to be my friend because I’ve had a breakout!!!

Mount Rinjani Volcano Crater Rim, Senaru, Lombok, Indonesia

7. Amazing things happen when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and, yes, you do have to make yourself feel uncomfortable sometimes. BUT everyone has their limits. You can’t force yourself to be someone you’re not, or like something you don’t.

8. I get very strong and reliable gut feelings about thing. 9 times out of 10 I have excellent intuition, so should definitely follow them. However, I shouldn’t let my own fears and doubts (often brought on by tiredness) stop me from making the most of my opportunities.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

9. I’m better at being alone now – it should be embraced not feared. Mastering the art of being alone is extremely important and you can be alone without being lonely.

10. Although the whole long distance relationship thing SUCKED it was definitely what I needed at that point in my life / my relationship. Arguable the hardest part of solo travel, it allowed me to regain the independence I had maybe lost. I have been able to come home with a whole new positive attitude to my life and subsequently my relationship.

Hagiang Province, North Vietnam

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